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Here at Bronze Connection, we see ourselves as problems solvers. Having been in the business of windows and doors for over a decade now, we know how difficult it can be to find exactly what you want. Although we originally started off as providers of standard windows and doors, over time we began working on more and more bespoke projects. Unable to find windows or doors which suited their project, architects and developers began asking us to design custom-made units to meet their needs.

Inspired by this, we launched Bronze Connection, which deals exclusively in high-quality, custom-made windows, doors, and furniture. We decided to take our ten years of industry experience and challenge to ourselves to address what we saw as the shortcomings within these industries. We noticed a lack of companies providing custom-made windows, doors, and furniture tailored to individual aesthetic sensibilities. We want to help you create exactly what you want because we believe that your home should be an expression and an extension of your personality.

Being a small business means that our dedicated team of specialists can focus on quality, not quantity, and can work closely with you to design windows, doors, and furniture which reflect your unique tastes. We want you to challenge us to create pieces that are exciting, innovative, and unlike anything else you’ve seen before. Whether it’s a front door for your home, or perhaps even just a coffee table, we want to help you create pieces which reflect your unique tastes. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your individuality for convenience.

At Bronze Connection, we believe that everyone has their own story to tell, and there is no reason why your own home cannot reflect that. Our mantra is simple: stop buying and start creating.

– Tony Koval, CEO Bronze Connection

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Tony Koval
Tony Koval
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Andrew Kramar
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