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The Beauty of Minimalism

‘Less, but better.’ – Dieter Rams

‘Less, but better.’ No definition of the philosophy behind the minimalist aesthetic captures it quite like the much-revered German designer, Dieter Rams’ famous maxim. From the slimline smartphone you carry in your pocket, to almost any recently made item you have in your home, the minimalist aesthetic has become so engrained in what we expect of the products we buy, the advertisements we see, and the spaces we interact with, that you may not have even noticed it.

Minimalism is about thoughtful and economical design. It favors a pared-back approach, emphasizing clean lines, symmetry, and formal simplicity. It’s about exercising restraint. Focusing on form and functionality over excessive ornamentation and clutter.

As a concept and design principle, minimalism was heavily influenced the early twentieth-century modernism. Particularly the belief that form, and functionality, were the essential components of design. Minimalism made modern design accessible and less abstract. It highlighted the fact that economical design could actually enhance a space. It is the embodiment of the idea that less is more.

What A Minimalist Approach Can Do For You

No other aesthetic has done more to make people conscious of how they choose to furnish, decorate, and live in their homes. Minimalism’s core idea—simplicity—has extended far beyond its origin in art and design. It has made people reconsider what is essential in their own lives.

We live increasingly hectic lives and are constantly being bombarded with information. Both Public and personal space seems to be shrinking. As a result of all of this, it is more important than ever to have a space that is entirely your own, where you come to relax and regenerate.

If we choose to live by the belief that more is not always better, then it is important to make the things we need count. Here, at Bronze Connection, we take this idea very seriously. We realize that we are responsible for making your life easier and your home more liveable. This is why we strive to do more with less. We want to ensure that the furniture we provide is always stylish, elegant, and functional.

Our team is constantly striving to find more and better innovative solutions. We are proud to say that we put this much consideration into every piece of furniture we craft. We want all of our products to be purposeful and perfectly composed.

Contact us today. Someone from our team will we be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

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